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[D] Mission: Nobody In Disguise by patchworktrickster
[D] Mission: Nobody In Disguise
"Nobody in Disguise" - Peter Pan has been quite a hassle for Captain Hook. Disguise yourself as a Lost boy or an Indian and deal with this fly boy.

Let's face it, an adult would have enough problems with this as it is. A seven foot woman with purple hair hasn't the ghost of a chance, but none the less a mission's a mission. Tracking down the young inhabitants of the island was a pain. "Look kid, just tell me where the brat in green tights is!" Dax snarled for the umpteenth time. She had had it with these kids; little bastards should have starved to death on this island long ago.

Gonna be churning out a few missions. :D
Daxmorning by patchworktrickster
Morning: I fancy photography. I took a picture of you in your room! I hope you do not mind! Draw or describe the picture taken of yourself. What exactly was happening that very moment?

FUCK ALL. That's what. It's warm and comfy in the sun and unless there's a job to do Dax is going to stay right here.
Anniversary Event: This Looks Important by patchworktrickster
Anniversary Event: This Looks Important
*shows up three days late with art and a desire for more in depth Aztec information*

So, with a world so focused on it's child-emperor, it was clear that the throne was a large focus. The emperor himself was less important, but the seat of power as it were was always in the minds of the people. Especially with the over the top punishments the peasants recieved for the slightest infringements on the laws. The only other things they seemed to care about was farming, either fields or the fuzzy quadrupeds they harvested wool from.

Besides that, the sovereign was annoying and fidgety. Carrying him back would be a test on Daxeni's ability not to kill the little bastard. There would probably be a new emperor soon anyway. These people were a little too fond of their human sacrifices.

Unfortunatly the oversized palace had an equally oversized throne. Hauling several tonnes of gold back was out of the question even if she managed to somehow separate it from the floor. However the lazy monarch had left something just as good and much more portable behind. "Well now, this looks important." she grinned, "It would be a shame if some unscrupulous person were to find this."


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